ATV-UTV Announcement 3-1-17


ATV/UTV Riding Status in the Town of Quincy

it is still illegal!

ATV/UTV Quincy Flyer

11/4/18 Quincy Budget Hearing 11/15/18 @ 5:00 pm. Hey gang, I have met with the Adams County Highway Patrol Super-intendant on signing county roads ‘Z’ & ‘F’, he did a road trip and analyzed where and what kind of signs will be needed. He came up with 12 of them at a cost of $100.00 each. They are all directional signs white arrows with green back rounds. I have put a spread sheet together and a map as to where they need to be placed and forwarded to the town clerk to be added to their Quincy town budget for next year 2019, let’s see where this goes.  see below:

ATV-UTV County Signs

10/17/18 For a current look and status as to where we are, what’s been done, and needs to be done from project inception review our ATV/UTV Project Task List.

ATV-UTV Project Task List

9/27/18 We were on the agenda and acknowledged at the meeting. Question was asked if our ordinance was the same as last month we answered ‘yes’ and no action was taken. They have met with the sheriff on the proposal for policing within the town and they are still reviewing. I don’t believe any action will be taken on ATV/UTV’s in Quincy until they resolve their policing problem.
I made note to them that we are there for point of record.

9/19/18 And yes, we are on the Quincy Town Board meeting agenda for September 27, 2018 at 6:00 pm. please plan on attending. If nothing else we will try to get a report on policing in Quincy. They were supposed to meet with the sheriff.

8/30/18 Wow! We were on the agenda and actually got to speak. The Adams County Recreation Officer was in attendance along with the WDNR Adams County Warden. Nice to see them, glad they attended. Now they are up- to- speed and totally informed as to where we are as we move along through the ATV/UTV town approval process in Quincy. Both have offered their knowledge and services for any input, references, or questions we may have.   The big hang-up is again the question of who is going to patrol and police the town. We were also informed that their is no ‘crime problem’ in Quincy. The town board has received a contract proposal from the Adams County Sheriff and will be meeting with him next week. The town only needs additional police patrol presence during the summer vacation period from Memorial Day to Labor Day. And in particular Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day weekends. Let’s see where this goes!

7/26/18 Should be interesting….. we are on the agenda for the 5th time this Thursday, August 30, 2018 at 6:00 pm. You know with the great communicators with no people skills. They are not team players and do not play well with others. Let’s see if they show any type of leadership and produce any kind of document that they created or, put any effort into that gives us a clear explanation as their refusal to get into any discussion or dialog as to why they are against ATV/UTV’s in Quincy.  Sad but true, they won’t even talk to us!

7/28/18 Get this! We were on the agenda at the Quincy Town Hall meeting at 6:00 pm on Thursday, July 26, 2018 and they just did the Linda Ronstad routine and blew right by us on the agenda and moved to the next item. (Linda Ronstad’s Blue Bayou) I did not think that they could do that if you are on the agenda and present! Kind of rude and I thought that they are suppose to be working for us the tax payers! They will not work with or even consider you. They have terrible people skills, zero communication skills, do not work well with others, are not team players, and are definitely unqualified to be dealing with and handling public affairs.

7/11/18 We are on the agenda at the Town of Quincy town board meeting on Thursday, July 26, 2018 at 6:00 pm if you are available please plan on attending. We also need to get a report from the board on their policing problem in Quincy we haven’t seen anything on that in 6 months. Two attempts to join the policing committee as a citizen have been denied they are supposedly working on it. The town chairman said the board will take care of it.  There are also questions being asked as to whether or not an active town supervisor actually lives in Quincy?

6/16/18  We have been on the agenda in front of the Quincy Board of Directors three times. July 27, 2017, January 31, 2018, and May 31, 2018 and we have made zero headway dealing with them. They already have imbedded in their minds that riding ATV/UTV’s under their watch in the Town of Quincy is not going to happen.

We have gotten no co-operation out of them on this matter and they have provided zero input on this subject. Instead of participating and getting involved, as they should, for all the town’s people, they are governing only for a select few. As tax payers, we have been approaching them responsibly, smartly, and respectfully.

The only response that they have provided is a letter from the Town Attorney on policing the Town. Our response to that is that we did not know that Quincy has a ‘Crime Problem’ which they said they would be looking into. Well, they have been looking into options for policing for 4 and one-half months now and we still haven’t heard or seen anything from them.

From our observation they most definitely lack people and communication skills. It is almost impossible to get any conversation or dialog out of them, with only one of them ever speaking and moving the direction of the dialog to n0where. You simply and immediately get cut off. The other two just sit there with zero input and don’t say anything.

The current Town of Quincy board will never make the move into the world of ATV/UTV’s, which would enhance and expand the town and be a big boost to our current businesses, as well as promoting new businesses in our area. The riding of ATV/UTV’s in Quincy would be instrumental for promoting recreation, tourism, retirement, real estate, and new development in the Town of Quincy, thus raising revenue and income for all mentioned areas.

The Rustic Ridge Riders will be heavily involved after approval of ATV/UTV’s in Quincy with the implementation, roll out, signing, and monitoring of the riding of ATV/UTV’s in our Town of Quincy.

6/1/18 Hey gang, we were on the meeting agenda and when it came to our turn, we were immediately told by the town chairman that the board will not consider our ordinance and would not be approving and signing anything. We were immediately cut off. I did try to get into a little dialog with the chairman by asking him some questions, which I will not get into at this time. We did have about 12 people with us at the meeting providing support and I am sure they will be relaying information of what was being said in various conversations around town.

The chairman was back on the policing thing. Who is going to patrol and police the town of Quincy? Our last time in front of the board was January 31, 2018 and we’ve given them 4 months to review and investigate the policing problem in Quincy and they basically said nothing, No documents, no report, no status, nothing. As we suspected, they probably just tabled it! He did mention that the policing thing, based on the town attorney’s letter, needed to be addressed even before the ATV/UTV thing came into play.

So where are we going and what’s next? Well, with the current Town Board, ATV/UTV riding is not going to go anywhere in the town of Quincy.

Elections are next April in 2019

5/5/18  We are on the Town of Quincy town board meeting agenda for Thursday, May 31, 2018 @ 6:00 pm. at the Quincy Town Hall all are welcome to attend. Take time to review and read the proposed  ATV/UTV ordinance below.

ATV-UTV Ordinance Quincy 5-31-18

3/25/18  We plan on getting on the town agenda at the town meeting on April 26, 2018 at 6:00 pm. with our newly created ordinance.

1/26/18  Don’t hop-on your ATV/UTV and ride off of your property just yet. I thought that the meeting had gone fairly well and there was some good conversation between the town board, myself, and all people in attendance. According to Dan we have gotten further along in the discussion then anyone else.

The big issue that is on the table now is law enforcement in Quincy. Who is going to police and enforce the law. The discussion got more involved than just ATV/UTV’s in fact it went through instances of calls placed to the sheriff’s department that they hadn’t responded to in Quincy from things like late night noise violations, fireworks, loud mufflers, ATV’s etc. just normal citizens just calling in and complaining.

The Town Board is going to look into how Quincy could be better policed.

To explain and make it simple to understand, as to where we currently are please take the time to read the attached letter from the Town of Quincy Attorney.

You guessed it! It is still illegal to ride ATV/UTV’s in Quincy. It went pretty much like and how we all expected it!

ATV-UTV Town Attorney Letter 1-24-18 

ATV-UTV Adams CTY Route Application

1/10/18 We are on the Town of Quincy board meeting agenda with our proposed ATV/UTV ordinance on Thursday, January 25, 2018 @ 6:00 pm. see the ordinance below.

ATV-UTV Ordinance Quincy 1-25-18

12/ 23/17 As we move along through the process, everyone already knows that our leaders in government move very slow at turtle speed and it takes patience and a long time for them to make any decisions,  process, complete, and implement anything.  We are still working on an acceptable ATV/UTV route in the town of Quincy. We will be pretty well all set to present the final route and Quincy ATV/UTV ordinance to them probably in January 2018.

10/10/17 Hey gang, great news! I just got word from Wisconsin River Power Company and we would be able to ride on their recreation Castle Rock Dam parking area. After internal discussions within the company they decided that they will not distinguish between motorized vehicles within their parking area whether automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, or ATV/UTV’s.

So their policy is that if motorized vehicles are allowed in their recreational parking areas it means all of them.

10/6/17 Waiting for answer from Wisconsin River Power Co. as to whether or not ATV/UTV’s would be allowed on their property (parking lot) only, at the Castle Rock Lake Dam.

9/29/17 Adams County Parks & Recreation response to ATV/UTV riding in the Castle Rock County Park on CTY HWY Z. Policy, rules, and regulations (no motorized ATV/UTV riding in the county parks)

9/15/17 Meeting results with Wisconsin DNR Land Management. We will ‘not’ be able to ride on, or through any WDNR land in the town of Quincy. It is protected for wildlife and wetlands. It is a Wildlife Conservancy.

9/9/17  We are currently working on an acceptable route for approval in the Town of Quincy. We are right now communicating with the Wisconsin DNR


Review the documents below for a comprehensive report on current updates & status. 


ATV-UTV Proposal 6-29-17 Town


ATV Project Outline 4-11-2017