ATV-UTV Announcement 3-1-17


ATV/UTV Riding Status in the Town of Quincy

it is still illegal!

ATV-UTV Adams CTY Route Application

1/10/18 We are on the Town of Quincy board meeting agenda with our proposed ATV/UTV ordinance on Thursday, January 25, 2018 @ 6:00 pm. see the ordinance below.

ATV-UTV Ordinance Quincy 1-25-18

12/ 23/17 As we move along through the process, everyone already knows that our leaders in government move very slow at turtle speed and it takes patience and a long time for them to make any decisions,  process, complete, and implement anything.  We are still working on an acceptable ATV/UTV route in the town of Quincy. We will be pretty well all set to present the final route and Quincy ATV/UTV ordinance to them probably in January 2018.

10/10/17 Hey gang, great news! I just got word from Wisconsin River Power Company and we would be able to ride on their recreation Castle Rock Dam parking area. After internal discussions within the company they decided that they will not distinguish between motorized vehicles within their parking area whether automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, or ATV/UTV’s.

So their policy is that if motorized vehicles are allowed in their recreational parking areas it means all of them.

10/6/17 Waiting for answer from Wisconsin River Power Co. as to whether or not ATV/UTV’s would be allowed on their property (parking lot) only, at the Castle Rock Lake Dam.

9/29/17 Adams County Parks & Recreation response to ATV/UTV riding in the Castle Rock County Park on CTY HWY Z. Policy, rules, and regulations (no motorized ATV/UTV riding in the county parks)

9/15/17 Meeting results with Wisconsin DNR Land Management. We will ‘not’ be able to ride on, or through any WDNR land in the town of Quincy. It is protected for wildlife and wetlands. It is a Wildlife Conservancy.

9/9/17  We are currently working on an acceptable route for approval in the Town of Quincy. We are right now communicating with the Wisconsin DNR


Review the documents below for a comprehensive report on current updates & status. 


ATV-UTV Proposal 6-29-17 Town


ATV Project Outline 4-11-2017